Friday, February 13, 2015

So Imagine "Avengers" Meets "Harold and the Purple Crayon"...

This whole thing is ENTIRELY REAL, incidentally.  I found my old notebook of Super Gumdrop stories from when I was a kid, and these are accurate reprints of my original trademarked characters.  The origin stories for The Mad Meatball, Zig-zag, The Zipper, and Anything Man are absolutely as I describe them here.

This should establish once and for all how little artistic growth I have experienced in my lifetime.

(incidentally, feel free to use the hashtag #WBTDBF, since it's way awesomer than #TBT)

For those who doubt the veracity of my claims about the origin of the work above, I present a page from the (denim-bound) notebooks of my eight-year-old self:

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