Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Souper Hero

This is what happens when Bruce and Alfred have a fight because Bruce SAYS he'll be home for dinner, but then he gets all caught up dealing with the Riddler or whatever, and he forgets to call, and so the elaborate dinner Alfred has prepared is burned, or cold, or otherwise ruined, and Bruce tries to explain how it's not his fault, but Alfred just wishes Bruce would show him the tiniest bit of consideration, especially since they don't get to spend that much time together - I mean, for crying out loud, Bruce spends more time with those criminal sociopaths than with Alfred, who only practically RAISED Bruce after his parents were killed, not that that should matter he supposes...


  1. I feel like Ramen is a dangerous meal choice for a masked vigilante. Sure, sure Ramen is easy to prepare and heartily delicious (to be said like the Lucky Charms jingle). But, on the other hand, there is the obvious broth-off-noodle splatter issue that can just simply ruin a good cowl. And, of course, Ramen is always too hot when the boiling water is first applied. Knowing Bruce's luck, he'll be called away by Commissn'r Gordon (to be read like Cap'n Crunch) before the Ramen properly cools. I feel like Batman will always be caught between Ramen that is too hot to eat/bring with him in the Batmobile and Ramen that is too cold when he comes back home. Which, of course was the problem in the first place.

  2. Excellent points all, Jon, and no doubt the reason that Alfred relegates Master Bruce to this particular culinary ignominy in times of domestic strife. The next in the Batman & Ramen series from my portfolio will feature Bruce at the Batcave sink trying to get broth stains out of his cowl, stubbornly refusing to apologize to Alfred and thus admit he can't even take care of his own laundry without the butler around. Of course, his attempts with seltzer appear only to make the situation worse. In a nearby room, Alfred watches on one of the estate's many CCTVs. The piece will be titled, "Bat Caving: The Scrubber vs. The Blotter."


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